Donald Heath, President Gremida Inc. Manufacturers of POUNDS, All Natural Supplement for Horses

On a cold winter day, in Oregon early in December 1983, the first bucket of POUNDS was sold to a horse enthusiast. That day culminated a lifelong desire that started in Agriculture School way back in 1943, to develop an all natural supplement for horses. It never was a case of mind possessing an idea!! I was the idea always possessed my mind.

During the last ten years, many natural ingredients were tested separately and in various combinations at our Research and Development Ranch "Shaliko Acers," that has been the home to three Champion Quarter Horse Stallions, a band of broodmares and many colts and fillies. The final formula of POUNDS was arrived at in 1983 and serious testing of this formula began, both at our research ranch and art some of the most prestigious labs in the country. Laboratory test proved that I had developed a profound natural supplement for horses. Continuous testing is an on going commitment here at the ranch. There have never been any side effects noted from POUNDS and all blood screens have been in normal range.

The POUNDS formula is secret: it's ingredients are not! Exact proportions of 25 ingredients have been blended to produce a meal rather than pellets, so as not to destroy the value of the natural vitamins. These measured natural ingredients act upon one another to correct biological malfunctions and feed waste because they are a definite aid to the SIX SRAGES OF NUTRITION!! Die, Digestion, Absorption, Circulation, Assimilation, and Elimination.

Thousands of buckets of POUNDS have been sold since that firs one in December 1983. Horses that were conditioned on POUNDS HAVE WON Stake Races, Futurities, Grand Championships, Halter Classes, Performance Classes, State High Point Awards, World Championships and the Canada National. Horsemen tell us that they can really see the difference in their horses in just two or three weeks and it has improved their horses health, coat, hoofs, and general appearance while reducing stress, nervousness, and post-work-out letdown. POUNDS is sold on a money back guarantee and there has not been one bucket returned for refund.

In this day of scientific revelations, it is easy to forget a few basic facts. When a horse ingests synthetics, all it gets is an isolated vitamin.  On the other hand, natural vitamins are derived from fresh, wholesome ingredients.  Scientists first discovered vitamins in natural ingredients, not in the test tube. Nature really did invent vitamins; scientists did not. One measured unit of a natural vitamin is worth five times as much or more than a synthetic. Beware of the numbers games being played by synthetic supplement companies comparing the amounts of their synthetics to their competitors. They are practicing the old Irish Proverb, "If a little is good, a whole lot is better."”

In 1984 we advertised winners that had been conditioned on POUNDS ”and testimonials (not Paid) from their owners.  In 1985 we are going to advertise a series of educational type ads as we are committed to the following principal: What is good for the horse? Watch for these ads in this publication and other leading equine journals. Why not feed your horse something his body knows how to digest? “POUNDS” is 100% natural!: What did horses eat before synthetics were invented?  As far as we can tell it was natural grasses and grains grown out of our green earth. Natural feeds have always been the best. Why argue with success?”

So many times when we go to the feed store we're faced with a huge decision. What vitamin shall I buy?  Without going into lengthy detail there are only two ways to go, either artificially made synthetic vitamins or 100% natural vitamins.  Which one is the best choice?  What would you rather eat?  Fancy packages and big guarantees have nothing to do with what is inside. We trust you will do what is right for your horse. After all, his LIFE is in your hands!

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            FACT:  Your horse is a creature of nature, not a product of a science lab.
            FACT:  Your horse needs essential natural vitamins and minerals to maintain perfect health. If your horse was developed in a science lab, feed him synthetics.  If he wasn't, feed him an all natural supplement.
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Don Died in May of 1986, "RIP"

This is my story!

Sandra Poirier, President Gremida Inc. Manufacturers

Of POUNDS, All Natural Supplements For Horses

December 2005

When Don died in 1986, I opted to keep POUNDS going as I have seen so many remarkable results and have many great testimonials.
In 1980 I was a Northwest distributor for another natural product that was formulated for a different area. This product we felt didn't have enough selenium in it and we now have selenium from four natural sources. I was aware of Don's degree in agriculture and asked him why we couldn't come up with our own All Natural Product. And so we started working on it. Don would give me a list of things to investigate and I became a researcher!

We researched, analyzed and tested multiple combinations, ran analysis on our horses and finally we started to see a vast difference in how our horses looked and acted. Our customers who brought their horses in for breeding, our boarders and people who came to see our foals wanted to try it on their horses so we sold to them. Don would sit in the viewing room and talk, while I saw to the general operation. I finally decided that there was enough interest in our product that it was time to name it and see how it sold.

So then in 1983 our first bucket was sold and from then on it became the supplement of choice. Our customers told their friends and acquaintances and it just kept going. One of the things that has hampered the over all sales of POUNDS is that some of the people thought it was just for putting weight on their horses and weren't informed that it was a supplement that could be fed year around. So we revamped the brochure and then sales picked up some more.

When Don died a lot of people thought they wouldn't be able to get it anymore, and I was fortunate enough when I sold the ranch to keep the same phone number and have managed through the years and with the help of Joe (whom I married in 1989) to continue manufacturing POUNDS. We haven't really done any advertising and we both had other jobs. So what has happened is that by word of mouth it has become more than a part time job and we feel that we are ready to grow!

President, Gremida Inc .

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Some of the first POUNDS Horses


"Little Joe Saliko"

"Good Again"

"Carey Oak"

"Rocky Jip"

"Continental Zipper"

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