We would like to tell you a little about our product POUNDS.

POUNDS ingredients are formulated to work together to correct biological malfunctions and feed waste, aiding in the six stages of nutrition -

Diet, Digestion, Absorption , Circulation, Assimilation, & Elimination.

Thus your horse uses his/her feed much more effectively, helping to eliminate digestive problems (Which may result in behavioral problems).  You should see not only a healthier animal after using POUNDS as directed, but a much happier one TOO!

POUNDS was developed for use on each horse according to the results neede. Larger amounts during heavy traning and lactation. Smaller amounts during light traning and idle times.

Also see feeding instructions


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POUNDS is packaged and sold in 20lb bags. With a normal maintenance

ration of 2oz's twice daily, allowing a bag to last 80 days or a cost of 

about $18.75 per month.  The cost of feeding your horse may be lower as well, many of our

customers claim POUNDS lowers their over all monthly feed bill. 

The cost of POUNDS is $50.00 for a 20lb plus shipping and handling

Distributors are required to purchase 25-20lb bags per month to qualify for distributor prices

Dealers are required to purchase 6-20lb bags per month to qualify for dealer prices 

To learn more about becoming a Distributor or a Dealer.

Contact Gremida Inc. info.gremida@comcast.net

All online orders placed are shipped F.O.B. Eugene, OR.

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